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Hi and Welcome!

I want to create magic wedding pictures for you.

Pictures that, just like music, can make you in an instant go back to those specific scents, feelings and memories of your wedding.



Here’s where you’ll find my selection of wedding pictures that sparkles just a little extra.


Wedding days

How it may look like when I get the honour to document this lovingly, special day in couple’s life.


Testimonials from other couples:

“Thank you so much for documenting our day – WOW – your images are SO beautiful and so real. Looking at them is like doing it all over again. You captured so many amazing moments.”


“WOW NADJA FUCK. They are amazing. Honestly. Amazing.”


“Magic! You create magic! Thank you for making our day unforgettable. Thank you for helping us open the memory capsule close to the heart and step into that familiar bittersweet feeling of nostalgia. Hold up in the everyday life that spins so rapidly.”

– Caroline & Thomas

“We feel so honored to have these memories with us – a vivid time travel back to those moments and all the emotions – only thanks to you.”

– Jennifer & Emil

About Nadja


So who’s behind the camera? It’s me, Nadja. I’m a joyful, yet calm person with the aim of making you feel relaxed and comfortable with me during your wedding day. It is usually then the best photos are created. Through out the years, I have devoted a lot to yoga and mindfulness, and I notice that it is something convenience to bring into my photography. During the portrait session, I – besides photographing obviously – help you get back into focus and presence with each other. Presence of what actually happens between you two during this great day – which in a sum up is “Hi, I love you tremendously and want to spend the rest of my life as a team together with you.”

I love dogs, dancing (wether it’s in the kitchen to guilty pleasures or somewhere cooler with cooler music). I strive to explore vulnerability and lightness versus darkness in both life in general, but most of all in photography.

I’m based in Stockholm, Sweden but will of course travel wherever you’re getting married.


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Pinterest, this bottomless source of inspiration. One of my Pinterest boards I’ve created to inspire me as a wedding photographer and hopefully my current or future wedding clients for when you create your wedding. Colors, food, clothing, decoration, feel and look.

The pins aim to create a feeling and inspiration. Enjoy! Please note that the pictures are not mine, unless stated otherwise.

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